Class Descriptions


The Foundations Program is a prerequisite to Level 1. Any adult with varying physical and yoga backgrounds is welcome. Please arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the start of your first class to register and complete a health history form.


For students who have been to 3 to 6 Foundation Program classes and are still new to Iyengar yoga. Level 1 builds on the introductory poses. Beginner back extensions and shoulder stand are introduced.


For students who have attended level 1 classes and are interested in a more challenging class. Some of the level 2 poses are introduced.


Standing poses and Sarvanganasa should be mastered at this level. Also students need to be able to hold Adho Mukha Sarvangasana for at least 5 minutes. Forward extensions, back extensions, arm balancing and variations in headstand are introduce.


This class will deepen your knowledge of the asanas and challenge you to hold basic poses for longer periods of time. Full arm balance, headstand and variations, back arching poses, deep forward extensions, and pranayama are taught.

Permission required to attend.


The level 2/3 classes offer a more advanced means of practicing. Students must have a consistent practice and be able to hold shoulderstand for 5 minutes in order to attend this class. Learning headstand, handstand, forward and backward bends are part of the classes.

Permission required to attend.


general information


Classes can be purchased 7 days a week in studio or by calling 416-482-1334.

Chose your package based on your availability to commit to the expiry date.

Classes must be used before the expiry date. However, extensions may be given for participation in YCT programs (e.g., Workshops, Intensives, Sadhanas and Special Programs)


Yoga for Teens program runs from September to June

Yoga for Seniors program runs all year-round.

In the Pre/Post-Natal Classes students new to these classes must register for 3 classes to start. Subsequent classes may be purchased per class, as a group of three, or from the hour bank system.