Irving Glass



Irving began yoga classes at YCT in 2002 after being diagnosed with MS.  Feeling energized by that first class, he discovered that Iyengar yoga and the use of props allowed him to move beyond his limitations.  With patience and perseverance, his practice gradually brought increased mobility, strength, and balance.  He became a certified Iyengar yoga teacher in 2017. 

Irving has taken the union of mind, body and breath off the mat and into his daily life.  “Yoga has brought me mindfulness, intention and awareness of being in the moment.  My certification has rekindled my passion, confidence and purpose in yoga and life - bringing me an overall gladness and joy.”  Living successfully with MS, Irving is uniquely qualified to help his students, both in the therapeutic classes and the MS/Seniors class that he teaches.

With a background as a gemologist, antique dealer, and property manager, Irving now finds teaching Iyengar yoga the most fulfilling career of all.  When he’s not practicing or teaching, Irving enjoys opera, live theatre, museums, and dining out with friends.