Sarah Bertucci

Sarah Bertucci.jpg

junior Intermediate IiI

In her very first class at YCT over 20 years ago, Sarah experienced a profound sense of awareness that kept her coming back. A high energy, successful business woman, Sarah found yoga brought balance and ease to both her life and work, and after 10 years as a student, her desire to connect with others motivated her to become a yoga teacher. Sarah currently teaches Foundations, level 1, 2 and 3 classes. She still has a busy career, but loves teaching yoga and helping her students to grow and change. “Yoga is the tool we use to become present, to become connected to that creative energy that we all have. It all comes down to the breath… ultimately to become connected to that internal sense of wholeness.” Sarah also serves as a Board member, using her business skills to help sustain YCT. When she’s not working or teaching, she enjoys relaxing with family and friends, and traveling, especially to warm climates.